MISP-LEA workshop 11th December 2023


The primary objective of this workshop is to establish and energize the MISP-LEA community. We will commence by providing an overview of the infrastructure currently available and in development, highlighting the valuable resources available to participants. Subsequently, we will introduce best practices that form the foundation of the MISP-LEA sharing community. Following this, we aim to gather insights and requirements from participants to enhance and tailor the sharing community to their specific needs

How to join?

  • A registration is required to ensure the organisation is a LEA
  • The workshop could be joined physically or remotely
  • Registration to the physical event up to 20 people Registration
  • Registration for virtual event. Up to 20 people. Registration


CIRCL - Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg
c/o "Luxembourg House of Cybersecurity" g.i.e.
122, rue Adolphe Fischer
L-1521 Luxembourg
Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg

Phone: (+352) 247 88444

Location in OpenStreetMap.


Start End Speaker Title
10:00 10:14 Gerard Wagener Welcome and opening
10:15 11:30 Sami Mokaddem MISP capabilities for law enforcement
11:30 12:00 Piotr Kijewski Shadowserver datasets in MISP-LEA
12:00 13:00   Break
13:00 13:45 Alexandre Dulaunoy MISP-LEA AIL capabilities and access for the MISP-LEA community
13:45 14:15 Jean-Louis Huynen and Alexandre Dulaunoy BloomFilters - sharing sensitive selectors with PSS
14:15 16:00 Gerard Wagener Gathering session: Improving MISP-LEA community based on MISP-LEA intelligence practices.