On June 12th, 2023, the inaugural meeting for the MISP-LEA project was held. MISP-LEA, a collaborative endeavor between Shadowserver and CIRCL, is a 24-month initiative funded by the European Union. The project’s central aim is to establish operational and enduring MISP and AIL instances dedicated specifically to law enforcement agencies. This setup will facilitate a smoother exchange of evidence between law enforcement agencies and improve the onset of collaborative investigations. For this purpose, the system will ingest data from Shadowserver’s ransomware and C2 infrastructure tracking.

Law enforcement agencies willing to discover and leverage the MISP-LEA platform can apply on the misp-lea.org website.

Benefits of joining

  • Unparalleled Access to a dedicated MISP Instance: Seamlessly tap into dedicated MISP instances that house comprehensive intelligence from diverse sources. Gain valuable insights from threat intelligence shared by CSIRT/CERT networks, OSINT networks, non-governmental organizations, and more. Expand your knowledge base and stay ahead of evolving threats.

  • Membership in the Advisory Board: Become an esteemed member of the MISP-LEA advisory board, granting you the opportunity to actively contribute to the community’s growth and direction. Share your expertise, exchange best practices, and shape the future of information sharing in law enforcement. Collaborate with like-minded professionals and forge valuable connections.

  • Specialized Training Sessions: Enhance your skills in intelligence analysis and information sharing through exclusive training sessions. Led by experienced professionals from CIRCL and Shadowserver, these training programs provide invaluable insights, tools, and techniques to sharpen your investigative abilities. Stay at the forefront of the field and leverage cutting-edge methodologies.

  • Privileged Access to AIL Project Streams: Gain privileged access to the AIL project streams, empowering you with deep visibility into unindexed content, including Tor hidden services. Unlock hidden insights and discover crucial intelligence that can be instrumental in your investigations. Leverage this unique advantage to uncover previously undisclosed information and stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.

By joining MISP-LEA, you open the door to a world of unparalleled resources, collaboration, training, and intelligence. Maximize your agency’s potential and actively contribute to the global fight against cybercrime.